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If you think about web browsers, maybe you think there only exist a few ones: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox or thanks to advertisements, Safari, but here we offer you a really good alternative which has surprised us during the tests.

TheWorld Browser is that kind of browser which tries to climb upwards to the top.

When we installed TheWorld Browser we thought we were going to find other browser similar to the rest ad not capable of making itself a place among the rest, but when we tested it we realized that TheWorld Browser is more than that.

TheWorld Browser surprised us because of its speed (a good start, isn’t it?) an we analyzed it a bit more we fond a really well designed advanced tab management, cursor modes, a good download manager and more.

In fact it includes a lot of features that other ones which are thought to be better don’t include. If you thought that the World of web browsers is a matter of three, try TheWorld Browser, it will not disappoint you. It can be one of the best web browsers you can download... and it's Free.
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